Does Digital Marketing has a future

The era we are living in right now is called the digital age. Everywhere new inventions are taking place, and mankind has used these inventions to create a revolution in the world. The Internet is something we can connect with all over the world, watch anything, read, know, and exchange helpful information, with every passing day, Internet users I am also constantly growing. The use of modern technology has also made people’s lives easier and made it possible for the poor and marginalized to access things that were far beyond their reach.

Internet Marketing Trends can be expected for the future

People from all walks of life benefit from it. 80% of whom are from developing countries, such people are generally considered a burden in our society but the internet has changed their lives. ۔ These disabled people are improving their lives by utilizing their skills through the Internet. Women are meeting their economic needs by working online through the Internet at home. But sadly, this useful thing is still out of reach for many people. Still more than 6 billion people are deprived of access to a faster Internet. In terms of Internet deprivation, our neighbor country India ranks first, with China second, Indonesia third, Pakistan fourth and Bangladesh fifth.

What is the exact use of Digital Marketing?

The World Bank published a report titled “World Development Report 2016: Digital Dividends” regarding the use of Internet and advanced technology in the world. According to the report, the population of the world at present is about 7 billion 40 million, only one billion people are enjoying the fastest Internet-friendly service, which is only 13% of the world’s population. While four billion people are deprived of access to the Internet, about 60% of the people have no access to the internet or have no access to it. Two billion people do not have mobile phones available while forty million people live in places where mobile signals are not available. Twenty percent of the world’s poorest households do not have access to basic amenities such as clean water and washrooms, while mobile phones are accessible to them and according to research, seven out of every ten have a mobile phone. Although the Internet, mobile phones and digital technologies are steadily increasing all over the world, the benefits are far below expectations and even today almost 60% of the world’s population is missing all these facilities. And with the rapidly expanding use of the latest technology in the world, the world is turning towards rich people.

Online Marketing is the Biggest Trend Today

If we talk about the whole world, then, according to this report, there are more than 16 million people offline in Pakistan, meaning they have no access to the internet. Only seventy percent of world’s population is using the Internet, you know how they are using it, and the remaining thirty percent of the population still lack this modern and useful facility, The reason is the enormous taxes imposed on the telecommunication sector in Pakistan, which is causing it to go far beyond the reach of the people. No matter what, there are many other things we still miss. The most important and fundamental thing is the rights. We are still deprived of our basic rights; it is our basic right to get education. The state recognizes this right and believes that all children of school age must have basic education. Free and compulsory supply is the responsibility of the state, but nonetheless, two and a half million of our children lack facilities like education. What does it matter Drinking clean water is our basic right, we are counting in countries where the problem of drinking water shortage is getting worse and worse.

We are moving backwards at the pace at which the entire world is progressing at this moment, because we have no concern for the future of our country.

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