Some Online Video games Business can destroying your children

At present, parents in countries not only in Pakistan but all over the world are worried about the children’s obsession with electronic games and the resulting birth. The first computer game in the world was made in 1962. Named Space War. Although the series of electronic games started at that time, the lack of access to everyone’s computer did not make it public. This was reinforced when powerful personal computers began to become commonplace after the 1980s. After that, computer games also started to increase rapidly. Now the scope of these games has become so widespread that all kinds of goose games, adventure games and action games are available at the cheapest prices in the market. There are also cricket, ice hockey, and football and golf games. Apart from these there are many games that are fun and informative as well. There are games in the market where you can fly in front of a computer and feel around the world, but in addition to the types of games mentioned above, there are a lot of criticisms.

Dangerous games online

These games have taken on a new form right now. For example, a famous game is called Britannia. In the game, Britain is a country with a population of two million. All kinds of people live in this country. These people do business, engage in construction work, fight each other but in this environment, nothing is real. This is just a computer game that is played on the Internet only. Anyone on the Internet can play this game. Whenever anyone enters to take part in this game, he will start playing as one of his favorite characters in this two lakh population. There are many such games online. Online games are unique from other games in that other games operate the computer, except for the computer operator, and these roles are already automatically fed into it, while the role of the role in the environment from online games. Behind is a man who can belong to any region, religion and nation in the world. Thousands of people join the game simultaneously. For example, a famous game Ultimo Online claims to have people from 114 different countries around the world. Participants in this game can also chat. By entering this game, humans are starting to think of themselves as part of the global community.

The morality of the new generation is eroding

It should be noted here that not all games have positive features. There are countless computer games in the market that show open common law violations. Their scenes are full of violence, and sexual offenses are portrayed in a very attractive way. Generally, the language used in these games is superficial and inferior, but it is also two hands ahead of the market language. The President of the American National Institute of Farmed or Family commented, “Unfortunately, this is a catastrophic series that is morally destroying our new generation.”

Different Types of Crime

The ages are 10 to 15 years old. According to one research, 80% of young people prefer playing games that are violent and based on different types of crime. One psychologist commented on the situation, saying, “We just consider computer games to be a game, but unfortunately, it is taking our society in the wrong direction and we are giving our kids all of that through computer games. Some are teaching them to cause negative effects on their future lives. A person who may not be able to learn to load a weapon magazine for 60 years in real life but with the help of a computer he not only masters the use of modern weapons, but at the same time he is able to shoot humans and other living things with bullets. He also learns to do. “

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